October 24, 2015


AnneCleallThe Cleall Group provides coaching and mentoring services to executives, sales professionals and entrepreneurs. We help you create a competitive advantage in the marketplace and a winning culture in the workplace. Through strategic sessions and proven programs, we help you make critical changes in your everyday life that lead to increased productivity and greater success.

Principal Business Coach, Anne Cleall






Anne Cleall is a highly experienced business coach and the founder of The Cleall Group. She works with results-oriented leaders to leverage their strengths, communicate with clarity and confidence, and achieve their desired bottom-line results. Her approach is designed to inspire success both personally and professionally.

A compelling communicator, Anne has coached and mentored both executives and their staff in fulfilling business and sales goals. She is a successful entrepreneur herself, as well as a gifted coach and strategic thinker with the passion to build, create and grow businesses. Her comprehensive experience in countless industry sectors is what serves as the strong foundation for her tactical, open-minded and balanced approach. In addition, she has excellent facilitation and keynote speaking skills.

Anne is a graduate of Erickson College and an active member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

She is a graduate of Carleton University with combined psychology/business major (s).

She is also a Board Certified NLP Master Coach Practitioner.


Experience and Accomplishments

Anne has over 20 years experience as a sales executive and owner of a successful global training and consulting business. A few of her most noteworthy achievements include:

Provided ongoing leadership, strategic direction and coaching to all sales and marketing staff as the owner of a successful global training and consulting business

Built both the sales and marketing divisions of her business and increased revenue by more than 500% over a 10-year period (this included winning a $2 million+ contract with Microsoft)

Developed a major account strategy that resulted in increased revenue and true penetration of accounts; worked closely with the marketing department to provide a value-added program for all major accounts that resulted in increased revenue, increased commissions to key contributors and the retention of valuable salespeople

Held an executive position as VP of Client Services with a global outplacement and consulting business. Won President’s Club Award in only her second year with the company.

Developed and fostered relationships with CEOs and other key members of specific leadership teams


Achieving Results Through a Process that is Comfortable and Supportive

Anne is best known for her intuitive sense and innate ability to listen. She asks solution-focused questions which allow her clients to validate their vision for success. Acting as a partner, Anne clarifies ideas, demonstrates the required steps towards specific accomplishments, and inspires her clients to take action.

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