October 24, 2015






Trusted Coach and Mentor to: Business Leaders, Sales Leaders and Entrepreneurs




With the right coach, you benefit from immediate, tangible value. Anne Cleall is an experienced coach and mentor who listens deeply to understand the challenges you face. She asks just the right questions to help you gain profound insight into your situation. Each new task is approached with complete confidentiality as she gains your trust quickly, allowing for fast progress in the right direction as you reach new heights in your career and personal life.



Sales: Increasing Revenue & Improving Productivity



Anne works with sales leaders, individuals, and teams. Her strategic approach helps leaders achieve their desired results with a spotlight on increased profits, higher productivity and an improved bottom line. At the individual level, Anne helps you create a powerful toolkit that can be used on a daily basis to help you reach your targets and enhance overall performance.



“Selling is about having a conversation and building a relationship with your client.” Take the pressure off yourself and stop focusing on the idea that you must add the client to your pipeline after the first meeting. Be prepared to know your client and their specific needs. The business will flow if you can do it right.




Anne Cleall

Coach and Mentor



Business Ownership: Leveraging What You’ve Built to Attain Life Balance



Whether they want to hit projected growth, build the right corporate culture, reach specific revenue targets or maximize productivity, entrepreneurs come to Anne to achieve their business goals. She helps company owners maximize what they already have and develop the right systems for future success. The end result is a more clear-cut plan and a balanced, healthy life.




Why I Love My Work




From lessons learned over the years, both in the corporate world and as a business owner, I have discovered that coaching and mentoring is a rewarding profession. I help my clients become unstuck and then watch them lead happier, healthier and more prosperous lives because of it!




No one makes it to the Olympics without a coach!!



Rae Chois