October 24, 2015


“Anne is as disarming a coach and business advisor as you will ever meet. I was accustomed to working with self-effacing coaches who deliberately kept a very calm and cool distance. Anne broke that mold, rolled up her sleeves and invested a significant amount of time in getting to understand me, my values, my aspirations, as well as my insecurities. In doing so, she became a fierce advocate for the best version of myself. As a result, I have attained a new level of self-awareness, tranquility and clarity in the management of my relationships, ambitions and objectives on both the personal and professional front. Most importantly for the firm I represent, she has helped me develop a personalized playbook for sustaining my personal best. This has positioned the business I manage for continued growth in talent development, recruitment, revenue and profitability. If you have the confidence to open up to a coach who will work tirelessly to bring out the best in you while empowering you to confront and manage your derailers, I highly recommend you work with Anne.”

Senior Partner and General Manager
Global Public Relations firm



I have had the pleasure of being coached by Anne Cleall and have come to look forward to our sessions as she gently moves me toward discovery and solution. Anne has a wonderful toolbox; a combination of many years of expertise in sales consulting/training and a wonderful method of coaching individuals and teams to maximize results while minimizing effort. It was during our sessions together that I discovered how to move my corporate team and myself toward a more successful future. I highly recommend bringing Anne into your organization so that you too can uncover new pathways to success.

Thank you Anne!

Patricia Irwin
President, WMS Web Management Services


My coaching and mentoring arrangement with Anne Cleall was transformational both professionally and personally. Anne’s expertise in the area of sales and business development enabled me to gain a clearer focus for the direction of my growing business. Her professionalism is exceptional, her enthusiasm is contagious, and her support is authentic. The productivity results I achieved after months of coaching with Anne exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend her for business owners, corporate executives, and sales professionals.   YOU ROCK!!!

With best wishes and sincere appreciation,

M. Gerlich
Entrepreneur and Business Owner


Anne Cleall is an absolutely amazing coach. Her insight, clarity and guidance enabled me to identify areas in my life that were keeping me from being successful in both my business and personal life. She helped me become aware of my limiting decisions and guided me to overcome them to stop being stuck.

Through her amazing ability to draw out of my negative thoughts and to turn that into an awareness of what I can do and can accomplish has given me so much determination to take control of my life and my future.

I am so grateful for Anne and so excited about my possibilities.

Thank you Anne!!

Karen E. Grant,
Author, Business Owner and Coach