October 24, 2015

What is Coaching & Mentoring?


Coaching assists people to begin to expand their horizons and their vision so they can accomplish goals that are import to them.  This ultimately leads to business and personal success.

Coaching is about asking powerful solution-focused questions from a place of real competence, so that you become a better leader for the sake of the business, your teams and your bottom-line.  Impactful coaching helps you build a company culture based on accountability, and backs up the right ideas with real tools to put theory and tools into practice.

Ultimately every company’s success depends on the performance of its people.  There is no substitute for human performance.

The more highly performing a person is, the more they get paid – the more they are successful and rewarded.
Coaching is an imperative for the success of an organization as well as of individuals.
Coaching brings out the best in people, sharpens and perfects their already acquired skills as individuals, in teams, and ultimately in the whole organization.
Coaching can assist in the growth and development of the professionals and leaders of tomorrow and assist tremendously in enhancing productivity, improving job satisfaction and job longevity.
Emotional well being, awareness of emotions and the ability to deal with them can make or break a career.
Emotional balance and positive emotions are directly related to the ability to be productive, resourceful, and effective.
Coaching stimulates individuality – it allows clients to decide for themselves the best approach in solving their problems and in how to interact with their leaders, their teams and their customers and ultimately in how to proceed in their personal development.
People are paid for what they do.  As you move up the scale of corporate pay and responsibility, you do less.   The highest paid people are paid for creating and holding in their mind the concept and the vision of the organization.


Under performance
Increased and enhanced performance
Future performance


COACH: An expert on people and personal development.  A coach’s role is to provide structure, foundation and support so people can begin to self-generate the results they want on their own.  This is accomplished by building excellent rapport, asking powerful questions and setting goals.  Learning and growth are achieved by both parties involved.  In coaching, the relationship is objective, and the focus is not only on what the person needs to do to become more successful but also who the person is and how he thinks.  A coach works on the whole person and is multidimensional, rather than focusing on what the person is already doing.

MENTOR:  An expert in a field, industry, or at a company who typically acts as an internal advisor.  Usually this is done on a professional level to advance the client’s career.  Often mentors have their own approach already in mind and use the system that has worked from them in the past.  This includes taking into consideration the style, values, integrity or strengths of the clients they mentor.  Often mentors can also have the dual responsibility of a consultant.  An example of this would be as an Executive Coach, especially in a sales context, I may act as a consultant and mentor to the Sales Division in areas such as Sales Strategies, Pipeline Development, Major Account Strategies and any area where there is going to be increased revenue and bottom-line results.

Anne Cleall is a certified coach and mentor.  Once we meet, we can determine the role I will fulfill to assist you in meeting your business and personal goals.  Often, especially in the case of Business Owners and Sales Leaders I serve as both coach and mentor.